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Recollect sayings to
reconstruct meanings !

|| Sharing as মাসিক posts ||
(my PRIME notions of country,
ODD faith on creationism,
EVEN works of creativity,
in both English and Bengali)

CC BY-SA 2.0
feel free to Share with Attribution

L atest from “The Obtuse অবেক্ষক”

1/ underTAKINGS of Education and Translation :

R1.2:: কবিতা – Stars

Has snapped my sleep, suddenly – In open air, I see repeatedly – Like a chandelier’s, lights twinkling, Half-darkened, vastly dazzling; Baishaakhee Dawning(Stars) Poet : Late Sunirmal BasuTranslator : Swapnavatar

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W14:: Around A Noun – Poetry Prompt

Welcome to this month’s prompt to craft a few 4-6 poetic lines “Around A Noun”. This is a new drive in this accounting year, to account for non-English writers, to go around the world with their works around a noun. Chandelier During middle of every month, I shall suggest a noun. If this inspires you,…

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2/ underSTANDINGS of Socio-culture and Literature :

(8) India and Reservation for Education

Common Notions : Why should there be reservation for education ? As per the proponents of reservation, schools at some urban villages that are administered by upper caste people do not allow children from so-called lower caste groups to study along with those from others. Therefore, by law, it has been enforced to allow admission…

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[7] Hinduism and Shiva Lingam

Common Notions : What is the contempt on Shiva Lingam as per atheists and other monotheistic religions? Although Shiva is considered a deity having an anthropoid image, the worshipping of Shiva is that of a differently looking structure – a cylinder with a smooth round top, placed vertically upon a flat horizontal base. Some people…

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(6) Democracy and Education

Should educational qualification be a mandatory criteria to be a politician ? What are the points in favour of YES and in favour of NO ? What is the proposed resolution of the debate ?

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